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Take the headache out of WordPress maintenance, security, upkeep, and more with industry-leading maintenance and technical assistance right when you need it most. From daily backups to speed optimization and premium features, we’ve got you covered.

Effortless WordPress Management 

You’ve got enough to worry about. Let us host and automatically backup your website, apply daily updates, modify content, create new web pages, and more.

Routine Maintenance

Keep ahead of the competition with routine optimizations and update enhancements that improve the user experience, and reliability, adapt to mobile devices, and ensure your site is up to date and online.

Protect Your Site 24/7

We monitor your uptime, manage real-time alerts regarding updated files to malware protection and bot defense, we keep your site safe. You can rest assured knowing that your site is online and managed.

Hosting Simplified

Hosting is complicated and nuanced. Don’t let ‘big box’ providers sell you on hosting that offers few features and slow page loads. We utilize premium servers optimized to deliver superior performance, enhanced security, and faster page loads.

What’s Included in WordPress Management?

Don’t settle for DIY Solutions

Experience custom-tailored hosting plans fully managed, optimized, and tailored to meet the unique demands of your website. From GEO optimize speed and performance, to industry-leading security and uptime reliability, our managed hosting plans offer incredible value.

No hidden fees. No charges for updates or installs. No worries about security and maintenance.

monitoring & security


Routine Security Scanning for malware, adware, viruses, and malicious files or code

Malware removal (if hacked) – an added value of $300-$3000

24/7 Monitoring of your website for software, theme, and plugin updates

File change monitoring and notification if we see anything suspicious

Uptime Monitoring quickly alerts you if your site is down

Management of WordPress Core updates

Backups & Updates


General site health management and upkeep

Includes off-site backups of the entire website –  Backing up ‘offsite’ allows us to recover damaged files and even move your site if the hosting server fails 

30 Minutes of website updates (basic website changes needed)

A project management tool to easily communicate change requests

Discounted rates for major website revisions

WordPress Hosting

our shared hosting packages include…

Domain name service and custodial management 

Security and firewall setup, configuration, and management

Uptime monitoring and reboot services

Periodic security reviews, updates, and patches

Daily backup of the shared server to ensure redundancy in case of code errors, malicious attacks, catastrophic failure, or a natural disaster 

Includes SSL (HTTPS://) for all websites sharing your server – Ideal for up to 10K monthly visitors

let us handle the technical stuff.

Stop trying to figure it all out and let us find the right care plan for you today.

The Download

Your guide to learn how to protect your website.

With the increase in cyber threats, it is important to know how to keep your website safe and secure. Download our Free Guide to learn how to protect your site.


Why it is important to maintain your WordPress website on a regular basis

The importance of password security

How backing up your website provides peace of mind

Frequently Asked Questions

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All websites require hosting. While DIY solutions exist, they are often lower-quality with oversold specs, and can land your website in a ‘bad neighborhood’ of sites Google doesn’t like. Managing hosting yourself also comes with a bit of a learning curve, and requires regular updates and maintenance to ensure security and reliability, necessitating software installation and updates, plugin updates, SSL certificate updates, and more. For those with little time on their hands, or who don’t have the technical ability and know-how, a managed hosting service is often the ideal solution.

Left unchecked, websites can suffer from a broad range of performance issues over time. From bloated code, to image sizing and resolution and sluggish page load speeds, there are a multitude reasons why routine WP maintenance is critical to keep things running smoothly. Just like your car, regular checkups and tune-ups keep your site optimally performing with a clean codebase, up to date plugins, enhanced security, better load times, and more. All of which translates into a better user experience, retention of visitors, increased conversion rates, and ultimately more sales and revenue.

That’s difficult to say. Each website is as unique as it is complex, using and integrating with a wide variety of technologies and software that can make maintenance a challenge. For most business owners, keeping track of updates for up to 20+ different technologies, from plugins vital to website functionality, to contact and lead forms, is a genuine headache. In other cases, legacy technology or code may render some aspect of a website inoperable or broken, requiring a quick patch or fix. 

You’re the kind of person who likes to roll up their sleeves and get your hands dirty. We respect that. If you’re looking to learn how to do WordPress maintenance, there’s an abundance of tutorials and videos online to help. Our maintenance checklist is over 50 tasks long, so it might take a while for you to become familiar with the processes and how to safely carry them out.

Our best suggestion is to start learning one thing at a time, and make sure each task has a dedicated spot on your calendar for routine updates and maintenance. The part that gets most website owners into trouble is the REGULAR AND ROUTINE part. They get busy, miss a couple of weeks or months, and before they know it their site is broken, slow, or hacked due to an outdated version of WP core, plugins, or other software.

We hate to hit you with the ‘it depends’, but it truly does. Imagine a simple 5-page website for a local plumber, vs. a 100-page complex eCommerce website with 1000s of products and loads of integrations like CRMs, email responders, payment processors, and more. All that said, regardless of how simple or complex your site is, WP maintenance is not only affordable but can save you up to 40 hours or more monthly on trying to handle these tasks on your own (and hoping you don’t accidentally mess something up).

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