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Over 3 million businesses leverage Facebook to grow their brand and connect with audiences. With our social media marketing service, we help you establish your brand and reach people faster.

Unparalleled Visibility.

Audience Of Millions.

Impressive Scale.

Grow an audience of Raving fans and loyal customers on social media.

Social media is the second-largest driver of traffic online, and the second-largest influencer on the customer sales cycle (next to Google). At ROKIT Social, we know how to leverage an audience of millions to help your brand achieve consistent and reliable results.

Powerful targeting

One unique aspect about social media is the wealth of customer and audience information at your fingertips. Using advanced analytics combined with big data, our team is able to segment your audience to help you connect with the right people at the right time with the right message

creatives that capture attention

Each campaign is carefully crafted and designed to capture attention, demand an audience, and drive action. Stand out among a sea of competitors with creatives designed by our talented graphics and copywriting team. 

Increased Brand Recognition 

Does your market know who you are? Social media engages with your market in a safe space where they feel comfortable. Be there for them in a non-intrusive way and earn the brand recognition you deserve so that when they need your services or products, its YOUR brand that comes to mind first.

laser focused messaging

Segmented by age, gender, income, interests, and more, we are able to hone in on which subset of your audience will respond best to each campaign message. This ensures your brand and your offers make it in front of only those who are interested and eager to learn more about what you can do for them.

Be everywhere your customers are

Social media is used daily by hundreds of millions of individuals around the world. With more than 80% of businesses engaged in social marketing, can you afford NOT to be there too? 

Sales that Scale 

One of social media’s most attractive features is the opportunity for scale. Paid ad campaigns can reach millions of individuals, capturing an unparalleled number of leads and opt-ins, while driving clicks and traffic to your site. The net result? More sales, more revenue, and more profit.

What’s Included With Our Social media Marketing Service?

Don’t settle for DIY Solutions

With our social media marketing services, you will tap into an audience of potential customers in a relaxed, fun, and creative space. Let us amplify your brand through social media ads that drive awareness and traffic to your website.

Account Management, Creation & Optimization


We claim your business and/or brand name across all major platforms

Advertising account creation and setup to manage paid ad campaigns 

Set-Up & Manage Campaigns


Set-up Campaign in ads manager

Set-up spend optimization

Set-up campaign optimization

Create custom ads based on current promotions and offers

Connect ads campaigns to CRM (if needed)

Connect Pixels for ads tracking and conversions

Reporting and Tracking


Provide campaign reports

Provide easy to understand performance analytics

Accurately report attribution of traffic

and more…


Unlock the power of Social Media Marketing.

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The Download

Your guide to creating customer conversations.

People are looking to social media more than ever before to learn more about businesses, their products, and their reputations. Sometimes adding in a human element can go a long way in building your brand online.


Why not every social media platform is ideal for your business

How to share valuable content

How to repurpose content

About paid ads and how they could help your business

Frequently Asked Questions

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Social media is more than just a passing trend. Today, people spend an average of 145 minutes (more than two hours) a day on social media platforms. This represents an incredible opportunity to connect and engage with target audiences across virtually any geographic area or vertical. These platforms can be used to build an audience, establish trust, position a brand as authoritative, develop relationships with consumers, and ultimately drive sales. 

According to research, between 75-85 % of B2B buyers’ purchase decisions are influenced by social media. This stat rings similar for B2C purchases, with Social Media coming in only second to Google as the most influential driver of purchases both online and in person.

How Effective is Social Media Marketing?

  • 73% of surveyed marketers report social channels as ‘effective’ or ‘highly effective’ for their brands and businesses 
  • Social has a markedly higher lead to sale ratio than does cold outreach
  • 70% of B2C marketers state they generate customers through social media
  • 91% of retail brands use more than 2 social media channels to promote their business
  • 49% of consumers 18-39 report making a purchase after seeing a product on social 
  • 77% of millennials have made a purchase of a product or service after seeing it on social media
  • 71% of consumers who have a positive experience with a brand on social media report recommending that brand to friends

Businesses use social media in several impactful ways, leveraging these platforms to strengthen their market position, earn trust, garner more market share, increase sales, streamline customer service, and more.

Social media platforms are highly versatile, making them great tools for furthering several key performance indicators and improving various departmental activities.

Social messaging can aid with pre-sales inquiries and customer service, or forward support requests through the right channels. Organic campaigns can increase reach, boost engagement and open up dialog with new and existing audiences. While targeted ad campaigns can drive sales and scale revenue indefinitely.

We hate to leave you with a ‘it depends”, but the fact is, every business and industry is unique. Costs vary wildly by geographics, industry, business size, and more. Similarly, the types of social services needed or required can dramatically impact how much (or little) social media agencies charge. For example, do you need organic posts and community growth and engagement? That requires a completely different set of creatives and deliverables than does ad management.

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