Social Media is where your customers hangout. So, let's connect with them!

If you are still using traditional advertising to reach the same client base, you are wasting money. Social Media Marketing has the largest consumer base, available to you instantly, and is the fastest way to create demand for your products and services.

Average percentage of users who log in at least ONCE per day

50 %
25 %
25 %

Our Team helps you free up your time to run your business, all while connecting with your ideal customers online.

Most business owners do not have enough time for full-time interaction with their followers, and you miss opportunities for your business to find and connect to your ideal customer.
Social Media Management is more than posting a few pictures to your social profile and making sure your profile is updated.  Social Media Management is a strategy to connect your business to your ideal customers before they search online and shop you against your competition.  (And this is if your business shows up online and they are aware that you offer the products and services they are considering.)  With around 2/3 of U.S. adults on Facebook, there is no better place to connect.  Did you catch that statistic?  That is 68% of the U. S. adult population!
As a Business Owner, we understand the stress you are under to generate new revenue all while satisfying existing customers and your employees.  And though you are capable of handling it all, we are all aware that business growth happens when we allow experts to help us reach the next level. 


Our Rok-Star Social Media Management solution does just that.  It will free-up your time to concentrate on your growth.  Let’s build your business together.

Ready To Get Social?

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What's included with our done for you social media management & marketing service?

Our Social Media Management services will keep you connected with your ideal followers and clients. We create content for your brand and help you have conversations that spark engagement and curiosity in your brand. The end result is to create more fans who visit your website and store to purchase your products and services.


Review all Social Profiles

Social Profile set-up for accounts not set-up on all platforms

Connect Social Profiles and link social profiles together for maximum exposure

Review, approve and update social profile and cover Image

Update and correct company information on all social profiles for better customer experience

Connect with existing followers and build audience, starting audience growth organically

Develop a content calendar and posting schedule

Develop branded content with your colors and logo

Create custom posts specific to your brand and industry

Create and post relevant content to engage your followers

Cross post content on social media sites relevant to your brand

Develop Brand Awareness and encourage site visitors to the website

Post content consistently to build trust with your followers

Monitor industry-specific social sites for content

Social listening for brand and business information

Competitor Tracking 

Keyword Tracking specific for your brand and industry

Provide alerts and customer inquiries to  staff for prompt customer service

Option for Rokit to respond directly to customer messages

Provide client reports for growth and engagement

Marketing Services and Optimization are available to all clients looking for growth

Attract the ideal client through social media marketing services

Increase website traffic

Ad Design and Ad Placement

Ad Monitoring and Split Testing

What Our Clients Are Talking About

"Since working with Rokit, my online sales have increased dramatically, and the last two weeks have been int he top three of total sales since the launch of our business"
Kindred + Kel
E-Commerce Store
"Wow! I've worked with many SEO Companies in my career and Rokit is the REAL Deal! I finally have someone I can trust. I cannot recommend them enough!"
City Steam Clean
Carpet Cleaning Business
"We can not believe they have taken our social media and made it soar with me doing very little work. I now have time to do things without posting everyday"
Walter's Pumpkin Patch
Agri-Tourism Business

Social Media Services Available Nationwide

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