We help NEW CUSTOMERS find you online.

Our Team creates a plan to attract, scale and grow your business .

Do you want to attract more of your ideal customers who are ready to buy? If you answered yes, you are like the other small business owners who are looking for consumers that are ready to buy your products and services. That is why your business needs a growth & internet marketing plan.

Why should you Partner with Rokit Social?  The simple answer is Strategy and Execution.  Our multi-step program will help you engage with more clients, capture leads, close sales and retain customers. 

Internet Marketing is sophisticated and requires more tools today than you have time to learn.  Rokit Social will implement all the tools you need to grow your business without requiring you to learn another software program.  We perform, manage and maintain everything for you.


Internet Marketing generates more leads and clients. Our goal is to attract more clients who are in the market for your products.


Rokit Social will create a system to scale your marketing efforts to help you grow your business.

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Rok-Star Lead Generation Services

Our multi-step growth program will help you engage with more clients, capture leads, close new and existing clients and retain customers.   We will complete a multi-point checklist to help you determine the best path for your business.

Social Media Advertising is a customer now approach.  Your clients are on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and You-tube.  We can target your specific client where they spend the most time and they can discover you and your products and services.

Google PPC is a customer NOW approach.  Google PPC, when done correctly, help you gain exposure to your product and service fast. 

Email Marketing is an opportunity for you to communicate with new and existing clients.  Some clients need to see your product and service multiple times before they trust you and buy.  Email marketing allows you to build trust over time.

Search engine optimization helps your customers find your business on search engines.  Higher search rankings and optimization for your specific keywords are vital if you want traffic to your site.

Sales Funnels are automated sales machines.  

Sales Funnels build awareness, help determine customers interest in your product and service, pushes the client to make a decision and directs the client to take action to purchase your product or service.

We build and manage sales funnels and make improvements as the funnel evolves through testing and measuring results.  Building a profitable sales funnel requires extensive knowledge and the skill to improve the process for specific products and services.

We design and upgrade existing websites to create a mobile-friendly customer experience.  Over 50% of all web visits are on mobile devices.  If your site is not mobile Responsive, you are turning away potential customers.  

Our sites are easy to update, easy to add tools to improve your customer experience and convert shoppers into buyers.

Quality website hosting and maintenance is important to the functionality of your site.

Slow loading websites affect your bottom line and it affects your search rankings.  Based on recent studies 73% of mobile users say they encounter sites that are too slow to load on mobile. 

Don't Rely On Self-Service Marketing To Grow Your Business

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