What images should you include on your website?

The Top Images You Should Have On Your Website

We are frequently asked which image should go on every web page.

Whether you’re looking to create a visually stunning website or just trying to improve the aesthetics of your existing site, selecting the perfect images is key. Here are a few examples to help you get started.

The images on your website are just as important to your site’s success as the content. When done right, they will help tell a visual story to the user and help create trust and likability. We’ve compiled a list of the images to help you get your web design, and e-commerce website started on the right foot.

Importance of Using Real images vs. stock images

It is important that you use images that include your brand/logo, your team, and your place of business. Your website has a higher success of gaining a new client when you use “real” images vs. stock photos. Plus, Google rewards companies that use “real” images vs. stock photos. 

To help inspire you, we created a shortlist of the types of images you should consider for your website project.  

Hint: We recommend you provide more images than you feel you need and let the designer select the photos that work best for the website’s overall layout.

Logos, Team & Branding Images

You’ve probably heard this before. Pictures speak louder than words, and photos of your team are great for building trust and credibility online.

You want to show your team’s values, personality traits, and, most importantly, the product or service you’re offering. These things can help make your company stand out in a crowded field. 

Here is a short list of images you should consider, including:

  • Your business logo files
  • Pictures of your business location, storefront & office space
  • Pictures of the Interior & exterior images of your business
  • Pictures of Your Team – Include images of them doing their job and working with customers, all with smiling, happy faces!
  • Your current marketing pieces – Do you have ads, billboards, or print copy? Include all the image files to your designer for inspiration.
  • Do you have a specific brand identity? Mascot, character, theme, or person that is the face of your business? Be sure to include these images on your website.

Products & Services Images

Pictures make your product or service feel real. They give a sense of what the product or service looks like, feels like, and how the customer envisions themselves using it.

 Here is a short list of images you should consider, including:

  • Brand & Vendor Images – Do you represent a specific brand or franchise, including the brand and franchise logos & images.
  • Products – If you sell products, include all your product images for specific business categories. 
  • Services – If you sell a service (example: window washer) Include before/after pictures, pictures of your team working at a home or business. Photos of you or your team working either onsite or at a customer location are very important to the website. The images help potential clients see themselves using your service and help them in the sales process.

Certifications & Licenses

When people see the images of your certification or professional license, they gain more confidence in your ability to perform the service. When they see your official license image, they’ll be more inclined to trust your company.

  • Certifications -Is your business certified? Make sure to include any certifications you have.
  • Associations – Are you a member of an association? Ensure the logos of these associations and links to the websites.
  • Licenses – Does your industry require a state license? If yes, be sure to include these.

Fonts & Style Guide

Brand fonts are fonts specifically designed to match your company’s branding. If you are using a specific font on your other branding and marketing materials, you must supply these to your designer.

  • Fonts – If you have specific fonts, make sure to include images of the fonts, along with font names.
  • Style Guide – If your business has a brand or style guide, it is essential to provide your focus to your designer to ensure your logo, fonts and image match your branding.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, there are a few things to consider when deciding which images to use on your website. As a rule of thumb, we recommend including at least three to four different image options for every page on your site. And we always recommend that you use your images vs. stock photos.

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